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Swans F10 Bass
Swans F10 Bass

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Monacor SPH-135TC
Monacor SPH-135TC

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DIY-Speaker Kit like Swans Diva 6.2
DIY-Speaker Kit like Swans Diva 6.2


350.00 EUR incl. VAT

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Binding Posts 40 mm RHODIUM (4 pcs)


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HighEnd-Series HEAVY Safety-Bananas RHODIUM ( 4 pcs)
Bi-Terminal gold (square). 1 pcs.
Bi-Terminal gold (square). 1 pcs.


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01.Speaker dampening pads 20 ltr. white
02.4.70µF MKP Cross-Cap (400V)
03.6.80µF MKP Cross-Cap (400V)
04.MOX Resistor (10W) 3,90 Ω
05.Wire Coil - AWG 21 - 0,39mH - 0,50Ohm
06.10.0µF MKP Cross-Cap (400V)
07.22.0µF MKP Cross-Cap (400V)
08.MOX Resistor (10W) 5,60 Ω
09.Wire Coil - AWG 21 - 0,47mH - 0,57Ohm
10.Wire Coil - AWG 21 - 0,33mH - 0,45Ohm

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